He is board certified in General Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Added Qualification in Addiction Psychiatry. Originally from France, Dr. Michel Mennesson has trained as a pediatrician and an internist before coming to the field of Psychiatry. This medical background provides him with a good base of knowledge for understanding the biology of the body and its responses.

His mind thrives on exploring new ways of solving old problems. He combines knowledge from the past to current ones to come up with creative solutions that are 'simple' and effective. Never limiting himself to one school of thought or theory, he seeks to integrate different approaches. Clients have reported their lives being changed by their work with Dr. Mennesson. Yet he remains focused on quality of the work, on ever improving the approach, on individualizing the treatment rather than on quantity and massive duplication. The client remains at the center of the exchange as a person.

  • Director of Adolescent Inpatient Services at the Yale Psychiatric Institute
  • Certified in General Psychiatry Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Qualified in Addiction Psychiatry
  • Trained pediatrician and internist

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